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Our family run business was established in 1994, grown from the true love and passion for all things Mini.

‘The Boss’ starting at a very early age, saved his well earned pennies to purchase his first pride and joy (Mini) at the age of 10! (Anyone who knows him will well remember him razzing up and down the driveway!)

A constant tinkerer he then proceeded to carry out a full engine rebuild....
It all got a bit much when he took over the family garage.....

The Mini bug had bitten...and like the superbug, there’s no turning back!

...A long story short, some 14 years ago a small workshop was rented (and after training and gaining various qualifications and adding a few more Minis to his name, Mini Technique was born – now the naughty Minis were having parties at night behind the workshop’s closed doors, and it seemed that, week by week, they were multiplying...until one day 250 of the little blighters were there-

(bet Dad was glad he’d left home!)

Our progression and expansion was inevitable.

Occupying our current premises since 2001, destiny now has forced us to be the way we are today, boasting a huge stock of second hand parts for Minis.  With the love, enthusiasm and passion still there and now over 25 years experience – who else would you trust!

*Craig, his work and advice, is featured in the new Haynes -'Mini renovation Manual 86-2000.' The people from Haynes spent ages at the workshop, taking photographs etc; and needless to say, we have a good stock of the manual available at the workshop!!

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